Director P4T

Dr Tim Saunders 



Dr Tim has a BA Hons in Theology and Religious Studies (Manchester University),  MA in Educational Management (Open University), PhD in School Leadership (Liverpool University), PGCE Primary (Manchester University), PGCert ODE Online & Distance Education (Open University).


Educational Experience

Tim was inspired to take up the pedagogy of P4C as a young teacher in 1990 and this has been part of his core practice ever since. He was an early member of SAPERE, the national charity supporting Philosophy for Children, or P4C, in the UK, and has been a registered Level 1 trainer of P4C for many years.

He has a wealth of experience that includes Primary School teaching (7 years), Headteacher (14 years), University lecturing (5 years), Thinking Skills training in schools (10 years), Organisational Development Consultant (6 years), a Research Fellow (3 years).


Philosophical Influences

Tim does not adhere to any particular school of philosophy but does have affinities with the traditions of American Pragmatism, Russian Personalism, Nordic Metamodernism,  English Platonism and Andalusian Sufism


P4T @ Edge Hill University

Tim currently lectures part time in Initial Teacher Education at Edge Hill University whilst writing the P4T book series and consulting for a team creating a new international school in Liverpool. The P4T Project benefits from interaction with students undertaking teacher training on BA QTS and PGCE courses.

Link to P4T Project at Edge Hill University Department for Children, Education and Communities


Key theory underpinning the P4T Model of Reflective Practice:

Matthew Lipman and Roger Sutcliffe (4Cs of P4C), Robert Cummings Neville (Axiology of Thinking) John Heron (Feeling and Personhood), David Kolb (Experiential Learning), Rupert Wegerif (Dialogic Learning), D. Randy Garrison (Thinking Collaboratively), Oren Ergas (Mindful Education), John G. Bennett (Systematics) David Cooperider (Appreciate Inquiry) Daniel Siegel (Wheel of Awareness) Bruce Tuckman (Stages of Group Development)

Key theory underpinning the 4P Educational Synthesis:

Anick de Witt (Worldview typology), Steve McIntosh (Integral theory & Developmental Politics) Hanzi Freinacht (Way of Life, Metadmodern Politics), Helen Palmer (Personality), Nash Popovic (Personal Synthesis), Michael Stephen Schiro (Curriculum Theory), Kieran Egan (Imaginative Teaching), Robert E. Quinn et al (Positive Learning), Daniel Goleman (Leadership Styles), Kim S. Cameron & Robert E. Quinn (Competing Values Theory & Professional Cultures), Richard Barrett (Transformative Organisation), Wolfgang Dietrich (Many Peaces), Robert Nisbet (Social Philosophy & Civilisational typology), Fred Dallmayr (Integral Pluralism)


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