Aims of P4T

The Metamodern Teachers’ Manifesto

1. Adopt a metamodern reflexive praxis committed to passionate balance and contemplative activism in education

2. Advocate Philosophy as a self-authoring personal discipline informing one’s metapractice through four tasks: knowing oneself, personalising theory, developing practice and teaching for a better world

3. Adapt the 4Cs of P4C (Philosophy for Children) as P4T’s model of metathinking to develop an enriched model of Reflective Practice: integrating Caring, Critical, Creative and Collaborative thinking with Mindfulness, appreciative Teamwork and Worldview awareness

4. Apply the 4Ps of P4T (Philosophy for Teachers) to sustain teacher development as a lifelong vocation: integrating Personal, Pedagogical, Professional and Planetary scales of development

5. Map P4T’s metatheory as a synthesis of educational theory presented graphically in terms of 4 quests, 16 metapractices and 64 growthpoints, enabling practitioners to zoom-out for global orientation and zoom-in for focal development

6. Promote the P4C community of inquiry method for academic and professional development in order for teachers to appreciate how face to face collegial inquiry and integrative reflective practice enhance one another

7. Publish guides to Integrative Reflective Practice and the Metamodern Quest for Personal, Pedagogical, Professional and Planetary Development

8. Expand the scope of teaching to include the worldwork of Activist Educators operating beyond the school or academy who enact Integrated Global Citizenship Education in civil society via elicitive conflict transformation, environmental activism, inter-religious dialogue and transpartisan politics

© 2020 Tim Saunders PhD


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